Rhinovac Ultra – Central Vacuum with premium electric power nozzle

Rhinovac Ultra – Central Vacuum with premium electric power nozzle


The Rhinovac Ultra stands out for its exceptional combination of durability and performance. This high-performance model offers superior suction power, measured at 3680 mm (a unit of measurement to be preferred over Airwatts when choosing a central vacuum cleaner), as well as a 2-stage motor so you can vacuum every corner of your house with extra efficiency.

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  • Large durable steel canister– 35.8 cm (14 in.) diameter
  • Extreme suction power with 3680 mm (a unit of measurement to be preferred over Airwatts when choosing a central vacuum)
  • High-performance 16.8 cm (6.6 in.) bypass motor extends the life of your central vacuum
  • A muffler with flexible connector and 2 pipe clamps for noise reduction
  • Electrostatic Bag System 
  • Optimal filtration with the HEPA H13 self-cleaning filter, which offers 99.95% filtration efficiency with particles of a diameter as small as 0.3 µm.


  • Premium black power nozzle with cord, height adjustment, with light and ergonomic design with 5 height adjustment levels 
  • Electric telescopic wand with power cord clips - Stainless steel 
  • 30 ft. (9 m) crushproof hose
  • Softtouch hose cover with zipper, a must-have with its protective, ultra-soft cover that protects furniture, railings, floors and baseboards from scratches caused by the vacuum cleaner hose.
  • Ergonomic handle and 360° swivel with on/off switch
  • Telescopic wand with button lock – Stainless steel
  • 30.48 cm (12 in.) floor brush with horsehair to catch fine particles.
  • Black air driven hand tool with swivel neck - great attachment to clean carpeted stairs, RV's, upholstery, mattresses and car interiors
  • Microfibers mop head tool - ideal for an efficient and quick dusting of walls, ceilings, plinths, door frames or any other large surface. Its flexible fibers get suspended dust on hard wood floors and prevent scratches.
  • Crevice tool - for those hard-to-reach corners or any other areas that the vacuum is too bulky to fit
  • Flexible crevice tool 24’’ (60 cm) - perfect for cleaning under furniture and appliances. It can easily reach narrow areas
  • Dusting brush - made of nylon and horsehair to clean the dust off surfaces on furniture
  • Upholstery tool with a dense bristle band. Ideal for effectively removing any dust or dirt on furniture, fabrics, armchairs, sofas, and small rugs.
  • Hose hanger – It neatly hangs the hose preventing tangling
  • Hanging storage with pockets for attachments – A must-have to organize your vacuum tools
  • 2 high-efficiency HEPA type H11 bags filter out 95% of fine particles. In addition, statically-charged bags optimize filtration by trapping bacteria in the bag fiber.
  • EasyConnect kit - includes PVC pipe fitting with adapter, flexible connection and utility inlet with wire ensuring quick and trouble-free installation in existing systems.
  • 2 screws and 2 anchors for hose hanger
  • 4 screws and 4 anchors for central vacuum wall bracket

Its Use

Designed for residential homes 

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Technical Features

Warranty 10 years on parts and 3 years on labor & all accessories.
Max Power rating 659 W
Motor 2 turbines per motor - Diameter : 6.6"
Amperage 14.1 A
Voltage 120 V
Suction (Water Lift) 144.9” - 3680 mm
Decibels 65 dB
Air flow 135.8 PCM | CFM - 230.7 MCH | CMH
Bag Capacity 22 l ∙ 5 gal US
Canister Capacity 23.3 l - 5.3 gal US
Height 39.1" ∙ 99.3 cm
Diameter 14.1" ∙ 35.8 cm
Weight 32.2 lb - 14.6 kg
Filtration Hybrid filtration, bag or self-cleaning filter
Built and design In Canada